Ged Tyrrell


Tyrrell Building Technologies

A thought leader in the Industry, Ged has over 35 years of industry pedigree shaping Tyrrell Building Technologies Group (TBT) into a market leader in Smart Building Products, Services and Technology. Ged sits as CEO, heading up a board of dedicated and knowledgable divisional leaders.

Tyrrell Systems, formed in 1997 is focussed entirely on integration, remote monitoring and controls engineering and now positioned at the heart of of Smart Buildings as a premier MSI.

Tyrrell Products followed in 2012, creating, supplying their own drivers, apps, IoT and Smart Building products to over 40 partners throughout EMEA and beyond.

Simaxx Analytics was acquired in 2020 to extract value from environmental and building data for analytics in the pursuit of energy saving, operational efficiency, occupant well-being and compliance reporting. Simaxx is the brains behind TBT's next generation data analytics capabilities, enabling its clients to meet increasingly complex sustainability requirements.

Halo/Smart-IoT is the latest addition to the group, offering a rapidly deployable, low cost range of IoT energy saving and monitoring products, which integrate seamlessly into the Analytics and Reporting platform. Halo/Smart-IoT pairs IoT devices with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allowing the development of tools capable of collecting vast amounts of data to create actionable intelligence in real time.

TBT operates across the entire technology food chain from consultancy, design and products through to analytics and reporting.

Ged Tyrrell will be speaking at the following sessions.

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