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Redinet Limited is an industry-leading provider of smart building security solutions in the United Kingdom. With a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years, Redinet's biggest focus is security to safeguard businesses' property, assets, and occupants. Notably, Redinet holds up to date ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditations, further underlining our commitment to security excellence.

Redinet's smart building security solutions are renowned for their holistic approach, integrating cutting-edge technology with a profound understanding of the building environment. This unique methodology ensures that Redinet's solutions are customised to meet each customer's specific needs, delivering optimal security benefits.

These solutions encompass a range of key features, including:

  • An integrated security system that comprehensively monitors all aspects of the building, including access control, video surveillance, and intruder detection.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, which collect valuable data on the building environment and swiftly detect potential security threats.
  • Utilisation of analytics tools to leverage data for security enhancement and vulnerability identification.
  • A user-friendly, cloud-based platform that simplifies security system management and monitoring.

Redinet's smart building security solutions have been deployed across a diverse array of buildings, including offices, hospitals, schools, and hotels. The outcomes have been transformative, yielding benefits such as:

  • Reduced risk of intrusion.
  • Enhanced visibility of the building environment.
  • Expedited responses to security incidents.
  • Improved adherence to security regulations.

If you’re looking for a distinguished provider of smart building security solutions, Redinet Limited is the perfect choice. With over two decades of experience and a sterling track record of success, Redinet is poised to fortify your building's defences and safeguard its occupants.

An example of Redinet's prowess can be found in The Hickman building, a SmartScore Platinum certified structure in London. By implementing a comprehensive suite of smart security measures, including biometric access control, video surveillance, and motion sensors, Redinet played a pivotal role in elevating The Hickman to one of the safest buildings in London.

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