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One Sightsolutions are UK leaders in building integration. With the ever-expanding world of the IoT and Connected/Smart Building, we are constantly striving to deliver innovate integration solutions to meet the evolving demands of the market. Our solutions encompass a variety of hardware and software technology. From Energy Monitoring platforms, to Automation, HVAC, lighting and much more.

One vital feature they all have in common is the ability to communicate seamlessly via a single platform. Utilising web services and Tridium’s Niagara Framework allows this be achieved. This is because Niagara 4 is not only capable of interpreting an extensive range of protocols and converting them to a common langue, but can also display this data, in real-time, from a single user interface. This can then be accessed via any form of device with inherent web services. Be it tablets, phones, computers etc, the data can be viewed, from any location, live.

Our Connected Building technology is ideal for building optimisation, as it allows for monitoring of all building systems via a single user interface. Moreover, it lets you get the most out of your building from wherever you are in the world. Big data analytics has never been easier to achieve with our connected building technology, which can also be customised to meet your goals and expectations. At this event, we will be demonstrating our smart integration technology and the possibilities.

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The Forge, Cricket Hill Lane
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom


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BEMS (Building energy management systems) • Building Automation • HVAC • Software • System integrators