Maor Ganz

Senior researcher in Urecsys, Head of Machine Learning department, Chief Technology Officer

Urecsys - Urban Ecology Systems

Dr. Maor Ganz is a leading researcher from the Hebrew University. He is among the most prominent Israeli researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). He is one of the most prominent researchers world-wide in the field of Quantum Computation.
Dr. Ganz's articles and breakthroughs have been published in world-renowned scientific publications & journals.
He has been heading Urecsys' Machine Learning Department for 6 years, acted as the Chief Technology Officer, and has led much of the research into air pollution kinetics and behaviour in real-time.

Some Publications:
A simpler proof of existence of quantum weak coin flipping with arbitrarily small bias, SIAM Journal on Computing · 2016
Quantum leader elections, Quantum Information Processing · 2017
Quantum coin hedging, and a counter measure, LIPICS · 2017
Dining Philosophers, Leader Election and Ring Size problems, in the quantum setting, AQIS 2017

Some of the key talks:
Asian Quantum Information Science Conference, Singapore 2017
Facility Management Expo 2022
Bynet Leading with EmPassion, collaborating with AI, Expo 2023
Bynet EXPO-2022 Empowering Growth

Maor Ganz will be speaking at the following sessions.

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