Why do I need a Specialist Systems Integrator for Digital transformation projects?

Thursday 19th October 13:45 - 14:30

Management Theatre

Why do I need a yet another sub-contractor to roll out Digital Transformation?

This presentation looks firstly to explore the breadth and depth of what may be required in any Digital Transformation project. To then outline the complexities, or more often than not defuse the fear instilled by our own Industry. And finally, to offer up some insights learned through experience. The presentation will lean heavily on real world successes and failures experienced to date and how we learn from them. What we see as ‘middleware’ and why it’s not to be feared if deployed sensibly!

As the Industry continues to sing the praises of ever more competent and accessible sensory technology, it’s often the case that data you require is already there, you just don’t know how to access it and share it! Sweating legacy data systems and only then augmenting them with additional hardware/software to fill the gaps isn’t a task for the faint hearted. Cross discipline domain expertise is the key, and a bi-lingual (in the data sense) team is essential for a successful project outcome and board level acceptance of value. Choosing the right ladders and avoiding the industry snakes is possible!

This is why you should be considering a specialist systems integration partner, the conduit between IT & OT and the mediator between traditionally disconnected trades.

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Dave Lister

Managing Director

IAconnects technology Ltd

Dave currently sits as MD of IAconnects technology Ltd, a specialist I(I)OT Systems Integration company.
Coming from a traditional Electrical Engineering and Installation background he has a passion for analysing the real-world ramifications of our industries activities, whereby consideration for the individuals in every facet of a project will always be the priority!
Dave holds a unique position, helping to bridge the gap between the OT & IT markets daily. His in depth understanding of specification sales, delivery and aftercare affords him a holistic view of the customers’ requirements and their pinch points, often acting as the trusted go between required to drive Digital transformation, never deviating from his ‘everything and everyone is an asset’ mantra!
A passion for ‘common sense’ innovation has been honed over 30 years of cross industry successes, ranging from major infrastructure electrical systems delivery, through Enterprise Electronic Security systems, Industrial Automation, Building Automation and now I(I)OT in Digital transformation ensures a truly broad scope of knowledge and expertise.

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