Using Scalable & Integrated Building Infrastructure Solutions

13:00 - Thursday 7th October 2021


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Phoenix Contact are a global manufacturer in industrial control & automation technology. Society spends a good portion of their lives in buildings. We saw this realization & developed a solution to meet requirements, that in today’s world contribute to our sense of personal well-being as well as success of our company playing its role in climate protection.

The integration of a smart building can however be complex. Many systems typically operate standalone such as;

• Smart Meters
• Building Energy Management
• Security
• Lighting control
• Workplace environment, etc…

In our session we will take you through our Niagara controller and what our wider industrial solutions offer and the benefits they bring.

We will demonstrate a software tool, Project+, which offers you a seamless method to assist you in designing your control solutions.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Deepan Patel

Industry Manager - Building Infrastructure

Phoenix Contact

In the early years I developed a passion in Electronics Engineering. I graduated from QMUL, BEng Computer Systems Engineering & Postgraduate in Project Management.

After working for 4 years with a SCADA organisation in the industry I worked for a Siemens partner as an Automation Specialist. Having the ability of my software & hardware experience I became strongly effective in solution selling on Siemen’s solutions whilst supporting customers from all aspects from concept, design to commissioning.

I was able to win business within several markets, Building Automation was one of them. Winning several contracts throughout the role taught me the attention to detailed design solutions with several stakeholders within a project life cycle.

3 years at Phoenix Contact and over a decade of experience in the industry I am a forward thinker hoping to show what we have to offer.

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