Unlock innovation and improve operations through the power of IIOT data infrastructure

15:10 - Thursday 7th October 2021


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We have already entered the fourth industrial revolution and global change in climate and work patterns. Kieron O’Toole draws upon real world experience on how the Industrialisation of IoT, Smart Factories, Smart Manufacturing and People Centric Operations are improving outcomes for Developers, Manufacturers, Workforce and Community.

The implementation of OT/IT Convergence and IIoT is central to organisations strengthening their business technology capability (Systems), re-organising global operations and supply chains (Process), and building a workforce with relevant skills (People).

This session will be of interest to those who are involved with the development and operation of smart factories and buildings. And will share key learning on how to accelerate digital transformation, simplify scalability, improve operations and investments, and unlock innovation.

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Kieron O'Toole

Head of IIoT

Abtec Building Technologies

Kieron O’Toole is Head of Industrial Internet of Things at Abtec Building Technologies.

Kieron has worked extensively across the industrial & ICT environments providing leadership in systems and businesses improvement for clients including global brand manufactures, systems integrators and tech companies such BT Global Services, Hewlett Packard and Reckitt Benckiser. He is also a member of the Institute of Consulting. His specialisms include OT/IT Convergence, Systems Thinking and Industrial IoT infrastructure.

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