The Case and Place for IoT Platforms in Property Portfolios

10:00 - Thursday 7th October 2021


The proliferation of IoT devices within Building Infrastructure has introduced both new opportunities and challenges. While the micro-service analytics field has proliferated offering software in various facets to improve workplace comfort to efficiency, the data required to power these growing AI toolsets are often overlooked. Though data may exist in many systems and software throughout a building, it’s often difficult, complex, and consequently expensive to harness this data. Hence as the building analytics field has excelled, and more data has been generated – actually using it has become increasingly difficult given varying manufacturers, technologies, protocols, and budgets.

Born from I.T. foundations, and well known to the datacenter and telecommunications space who have used them for years to conquer this problem across the globe, IoT platforms have emerged as a viable option within buildings, and particularly of interest to portfolio owners looking to harness data across vast amounts of property. IoT platforms are not a replacement for existing technology, but a mediator on top allowing cohesive aggregation of data, both real-time and historical in nature, whether that is temperature, lighting, security, BMS, HVAC, water, geospatial, really anything.

This presentation will take a deep dive into the emerging transition of IoT Platforms into commercial buildings, its blending with I.T. infrastructure, and how these platforms are resolving the problems and simplifying data aggregation for data-driven decision efficiencies.
Commercial Property owners and operators, controls engineers or Electrical Engineers, system designers, and master system integrators.

Delegates to the session will learn:

- Define an IoT Platform and how it differs from building management systems (BMS/EMS) and individual control solutions (lighting, HVAC, security, etc.).
- Discuss the practical definition of IoT in the constructed world and the idea of a sensory network of players in a building or facility, with particular explanation of the power of these solutions across large portfolios of property.
- Define Hot data (compared to cold data), and how it relates to a building’s ROI story, and the advantages beyond just simple payback - including what is organically driving this shift by end-users and the use within buildings beyond simple energy savings.
- Recognize a ‘platform’ and how it differentiates from a ‘system’, and what advantages a layer such as this, offers to the greater core business of a property owner, operator, tenant, and occupant. (Including case studies)

This issue is of interest to delegates:

o Maintaining the safety and uptime operations of buildings first and foremost, however, the ability to harness a data set is paramount for predictive maintenance, preventative serving, energy optimization, and more. All of these analytical features are only possible if you have the ability to communicate and rationalize the data from the myriad of individual systems running in a building, or multiple buildings.

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Speaking at this session

Michael Skurla

Chief Product Officer

Radix IoT, LLC

Michael C. Skurla is the Chief Product Officer of Radix IoT–offering limitless monitoring and management rooted in intelligence–helping consolidate global Marketing and Product Viability, focusing on forthcoming product strategy and intellectual property for Radix IoT markets including unique R&D initiatives, cloud/managed services, and merger and acquisitions targets.

Previously as Chief Technology Officer, Skurla set product strategy for the company’s IoT platform. He has over two decades of experience in control automation and IoT product design with Fortune 500 companies, focusing on the intersection of software and hardware that emphasizes data aggregation and analytics for mission-critical industries. As a well-recognized thought leader and a contributor to such top industry publications as Critical Facilities, Oilman Magazine, IoT Playbook, IoT News, Digitalisation World (UK), LD+A, among others, he is a frequent lecturer on outcome-based analytics and consolidated data methodologies for building and industrial applications to drive efficiency and alternative business outcomes through data. Skurla is a contributing member of ASHRAE, USGBC, and IES Education.

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