Sustainable Smart Lighting with DALI

Thursday 13th October 12:15 - 13:00

Spaces & Infrastructure

The presentation will look at the role of DALI as a foundation to a Smart solution for workplaces and smart cities. It considers what makes for good lighting design and how the role of controls has changed to embrace a more connected approach to managing spaces.
We look at the decision process for selecting controls and how the selection of the right platform can impact sustainability and circularity.
Human factors such as WELL and environmental sensing will be discussed and also the role of offices and how this has been affected post Covid.
Software and the tools used to manage our buildings will be a key feature of the talk with an emphasis on openness and interoperability.
Building optimisation is a key feature of smart buildings and we look at the tools and data available that help to make our spaces more efficient and safer.

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Stewart Langdown FSLL

Business Development Director


Business Development Director of zencontrol, one of the most innovative lighting controls companies globally. I have worked in the lighting industry for over 30 years, specialising in lighting controls. Successfully launching a digital lighting platform in the UK during the 90’s and then worked at an international level promoting lighting controls across Europe, The Middle East and Far east. A member of the Lighting Industry Association for over 25 years in the UK I founded and chaired the controls group and represented the UK on lighting control and control gear technologies internationally. I currently represent zencontrol on the DALI Alliance Promotion Work Group. A Fellow of CIBSE Society of Light and Lighting and member of the communication group, I have lectured on both the degree and Masters in Lighting. A strong advocate of education and training, I firmly believe that education empowers and allows end users and engineers to fully understand and appreciate the benefits of control.

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