Smart building solutions that deliver high quality indoor environments

16:00 - Wednesday 6th October 2021

Spaces & Infrastructure

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In the last 18 months, globally people have rapidly raised their awareness of how indoor environments can negatively affect your health. However, over the last 40 years, there have been several people seriously looking at this:

• In the 1980s the term ‘sick building syndrome’ was coined and refers to a condition in which people in a building suffer from symptoms of illness or become infected with chronic disease from the building in which they work or reside. Does your building have architectural finishes or furnishing that emit deadly gases into the air?
• Several pieces of research have concluded that healthy building environments can improve occupant performance by 2-10% and reduce absenteeism by 1-2 days a year. Does your building enable your colleagues to perform at their best?
• In 2011 China’s urban air quality was so bad is was referred to as an air-apocalypse, India was to follow in 2017, and other global cities are starting to appreciate they also have problems. Does your building do enough to protect the people inside from toxic city air?
• In 2020, we all learnt that deadly pathogens can be spread via the air we breathe. Does the ventilation system in your building perform to minimise the spread of infections?

With matters of personal and community health, we need peace of mind. In this presentation, I’ll be discussing how TB+A design smart and intelligent building solutions to provide peace of mind regarding indoor air quality. These engineered solutions integrate several technologies, for instance, sensors, air-treatment technologies, data collections platforms and building user apps to provide full stack solutions.


1. A brief history of indoor air quality and how it affects you.
2. The value of healthy buildings.
3. Solutions to monitor, inform and control building performance concerning air quality.
4. How to provide peace of mind regarding indoor air quality.

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Mark Richardson

Partner - Head of Sustainable Innovation

Troup Bywaters + Anders

Mark, a chartered mechanical engineer, has worked for over 15 years in leading global engineering consultancies in the building sustainability field. Within these roles, Mark led teams to drive sustainable innovation into projects, often global firsts and award-winning.

Having worked in multiple countries and sectors for a range of clients, Mark has developed a strong understanding of what makes real projects successful and how to maximise the sustainability of these buildings across their whole life.

He speaks regularly at conferences around the world both virtually and in person.

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