Predictive maintenance with smart sensors that install like stickers and tape

16:00 - Wednesday 6th October 2021


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This session will examine the potential for smart materials to create smart surfaces across the built environment. Combining the scalability of coatings and building materials with contemporary sensing techniques opens up an incredible range of possibilities for predictive, preventative, and responsive maintenance.

Billions of dollars every year are needlessly spent on repairing damage to buildings and industrial infrastructure, which could be avoided with predictive maintenance technology. 20% of insurance companies in the US are now using connected solutions to mitigate loss. The number of self-insured facilities using IoT is increasing 50% year on year. But this robust growth is inevitably limited by current sensor technologies.

Matt Johnson, CEO, and Co-Founder of LAIIER will use his extensive cross-industry experience to showcase studies of the value that smart surfaces can create while laying out a roadmap of how building materials themselves will become smart. The building of the future will depend on the digitization of components that are previously thought to be purely analog.

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Matt Johnson



Matt Johnson is passionate about the potential for smart materials, smart surfaces, and IoT to transform the built environment. As LAIIER.IO's CEO and Co-Founder, Matt has assembled a team of interdisciplinary experts to create sensors that are as easy to install as a piece of tape and are seamlessly connected to the cloud.

Before founding LAIIER, Matt was CEO of Bare Conductive, where he drove the creation of the largest printed electronics prototyping community on the planet, rising to the top of the $3BN industry as a technology-enabler to engineers and designers and thought-leader to blue-chip companies.

Matt earned a dual masters at Imperial College London, and the Royal College of art in Industrial Design Engineering, and an undergraduate in Economics at Colorado College. In addition to his role at LAIIER, Matt is also a visiting design engineering tutor at multiple universities.

Originally from Colorado, USA, Matt has extensive experience in the outdoors, and the positive impact that access to wild spaces has on our wellbeing.

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