Power to the BMS – How intelligent, connected electrical infrastructure is the lifeline of smart buildings

12:15 - Thursday 7th October 2021


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The two trends of digitisation and electrification are well underway redefining how we design, build, operate and maintain both new and existing buildings.

Digitisation sees the connection of all the systems inside a building which pulls the information we need to make better, smarter decisions, creating comfortable and efficiently operated spaces.

More systems and greater connectivity lead to increased electrical demand, but moreover the dramatic shift in desire for more renewable sources for electrical generation, the world is beginning to substitute combustion-fueled equipment and systems for electric technologies, particularly in areas like space and water heating.

The need for resilient buildings has never been greater and building operators and facility managers face the daunting task of keeping operations running smoothly in times of crisis. Listen to David Lam and Graeme Rees from Schneider Electric and understand how the electrical infrastructure in our buildings, which many take for granted, is the essential element in ensuring a smart but most importantly a resilient building.

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Graeme Rees

UK & Ireland Digital Energy Marketing Manager & Vice President of the BCIA

Schneider Electric & BCIA

Graeme is currently the UK & Ireland Digital Energy Marketing Manager for Schneider Electric and has been involved in the building controls industry for more than 30 years, after starting his career as a Project Engineer at Lidworth Ltd.

He later moved on to Bristol Management Systems before spending 19 years at Trend Control Systems, where he worked his way up from Regional Field Services Manager to Marketing Director. Early in 2019 Graeme was elected on to the BCIA’s Management Committee and he will now use his years of experience gained in the industry to support Terry Sharp in building on the BCIA’s position as a leading influence on standards, professionalism and innovation for its members.

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David Lam

UK & Ireland Digital Power Sales Leader

Schneider Electric

David is the UK & Ireland Digital Power Sales Leader for Schneider Electric and has been in the world of Power & Electrification since completing his University studies in Engineering.

In a career spanning engineering development through to type testing, then transitioning into sales and marketing, David’s experience enables him to support end users with the best fit solutions and offers to manage their electrical infrastructure from renewable generation through to socket outlet.

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