Making sense of air quality sensors

13:45 - Thursday 7th October 2021


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Air quality sensors are not fit and forget - they require maintenance and will drift over time. Arup's James Hare explains how to specify accurate monitoring devices and ensure they remain accurate.

There is much interest in air quality sensors but a lack of understanding and awareness of how different sensors perform 'out of the box' and how that changes over time. This profoundly affects whether air quality sensors are useful or actually provide misleading data. This presentation will be of interest to any client or installer who would value understanding the technical detail around the characteristics of air quality sensors and how to robustly specify them. We will touch upon the technology employed by sensors and standards such as RESET and WELL. A summary can be found in the CIBSE article here:

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James Hare

Senior Building Performance Engineer


James is a Chartered Senior Building Performance Engineer working in Arup's Building Performance and Systems Team. James has eleven years of experience in the design and commissioning of electrical systems, Building Management Systems and smart buildings, having worked in the UK and China.

James has broad experience in the building performance field with a particular focus on health and wellbeing, internal air quality and IoT sensor and platform technology.

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