Loading the dice to win at the Carbon Casino

Thursday 19th October 13:00 - 13:45

Energy Management Theatre

With the proliferation of smart technology, we’ve never in our history had access to so much data. But, how can we leverage this data so we can stack the odds in your favour when optimsiing your buildings, estates and energy systems to minimise your carbon emissions.

We’ll explore how data science and Whole System Thinking can enable you to have a winning strategy to reach Net Zero and power your organisation to thrive in a low carbon economy.

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Paul Kraus

Product Development Manager

SSE Energy Solutions

For over a decade Paul has been collaborating with the public and private sector to, optimise their buildings and estates, overcome the gaps in data needed to fine tune energy systems and drive energy efficiencies.

Extensive experience in developing solutions to integrate and connect systems and platforms, such as BMS, AM&T and CAFM, to support his clients drive to Net Zero. Paul has led building optimisation for several acute NHS Trusts, universities and retailers, helping them to utilise data to operate their sites at their absolute capabilities.

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