Integrated Buildings disected and diagnosed

Wednesday 18th October 13:00 - 13:45

Management Theatre

Integrated Buildings are at the leading edge of the Internet of Things (IOT), Integration is today's most disruptive technology and will go onto change the way buildings operate and interact.

As we move forward and start to realise the real value of Integrating building systems, we need to understand what the connectivity and communications options are for the systems that will benefit from a single platform structure.

The systems that can be integrated are both hardware and software products, these will come from different manufactures and will offer different ways of integrating with varying amounts of data dependant on how the manufacturer has configured their product and what data points they expose via the different communication options.

Over the last few years connectivity has moved from gateways and driver services to open source software and cloud technology these options are covered within this presentation to explain the differing options and the pro’s and cons of not only the protocol options but also the different products and manufacturer’s

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Mark Davenport

UK & Europe Director

Buildings IOT

A pioneer in the Smart Buildings industry leading the way as the founder and CEO of Smart buildings Limited - 10 years in the making Smart is now part of the Equans global porfolio after guiding Smart to a market leading brand and development company and

Delivering Smart technology to global clients such as Barclays Bank and Arcadia

Recently Joined the exciting global Buildings IOT business to drive the development of the UK and Europe - Now working with like minded experts and leading the market within the integration IOT arena.

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