How we connected DFS infrastructure and saved them 38% on their energy bill

13:00 - Wednesday 6th October 2021

Spaces & Infrastructure

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DFS created project Gilbreth to reduce their impact on the planet, their running costs, and also to reduce time wasted maintaining perfectly working equipment, while faulty kit was sometimes being missed. They knew they wanted better visibility of their estate and better control of sources of energy use, but were'nt sure how to achieve it.

Working with Energy Consultants NJ Robison, Global Associates have deployed state-of-the-art LoRaWan sensors, Edge controllers, and cloud services to solve those issues, and the resulting average saving of 38% in energy use is just the tip of the iceberg. As the increased management information from wireless vibration sensors, and CT's start to reduce maintenance costs and allow more focussed upgrades of plant, the overall run cost of their business is reducing every day.

This talk explains our process, provides a high-level look at the technology, and discusses some of the real-world challenges in rolling out this infrastructure.

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James Palmer

National Head of Sales and IOT

Global Associates Ltd

James' background in communication protocols and machine-to-machine integration spans the past 26 years in the BMS industry. Starting out at North Building Technologies in the early 90's, James states that he's been creating "Internetworks of Things" since he left University.

James now heads up sales for leading BMS systems integrator Global Associates. Their vision for a more connected future was what attracted him to Global. James now spends a good proportion of his time leading the commercial and technical teams behind Global's IoT brand "Global Spaces".

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