How to make Smart and Healthy Buildings with Digital Twins

Thursday 19th October 10:45 - 11:30

Energy Management Theatre

In this case-based presentation, Dmitrijs Jurins, CTO of Fexillon, will uncover the transformative power of Digital Twins technology, focusing on its role in creating smart, healthy, and energy-efficient buildings.

Fexillon's innovative solution, the Fexillon Twin, is setting new standards in the built environment industry. It not only supports building owners in their digital transformation journey but also enables them to obtain the prestigious RESET® Air, Water, and Energy certifications. This data-driven standard revolutionizes building performance evaluation by standardizing continuous monitoring of energy consumption, putting valuable insights at your fingertips.

Key Highlights:

  1. Continuous Energy Monitoring: Learn how Fexillon Twin's integration with the RESET Energy Standard empowers building owners to continuously monitor energy consumption, ensuring optimal and demand-driven building performance. Immediate ROI is achievable through informed adjustments to operational hours, HVAC and BMS configurations, resulting in tangible cost savings.
  2. Outlier Detection: Dive into the granular energy usage monitoring capabilities of Fexillon Twin. Discover how it allows you to analyse individual electrical systems, allocate energy costs, and make data-driven decisions to reduce consumption and improve efficiency.
  3. Facilitating the Path to Net Zero: Understand how Fexillon Twin empowers you to measure and optimize renewable energy utilization, track ESG metrics, and connect with sustainability cloud platforms like Microsoft Sustainability Cloud.
  4. Gamifying Sustainability: Witness the power of data visualization through dashboards and public pages. Learn how it incentivizes building occupants to contribute to ESG goals, foster a culture of sustainability, and ultimately drive carbon-neutral operations.

Additionally, we'll showcase a real-world case study in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This project exemplifies our commitment to measuring indoor air quality, energy consumption, and desk occupancy to create a healthier environment, gain energy insights, and optimize space utilization. Discover how our solution helped Fexillon customer to make informed decisions about their building's capacity and sustainability.

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Dmitrijs Jurins



A modern business leader, visionary systems thinker, and technical management advisor bringing years of experience in:
• CTO / Technical Director roles
• IoT and Edge computing product and service development
• Digital Twin / Smart Building implementations
• Metaverse (augmented, virtual, mixed reality) development

I'm passionate about the full-cycle IoT and Edge hardware product creation starting from napkin design, to prototyping, to factory manufacturing, to software development, to system integration, to solution development, to sales and aftersales support.

15 years of experience in transport logistics creating IoT-driven edge solutions for improving the safety & efficiency of the hazardous goods logistics (gas, oil, explosives).
Currently focused on applying my expertise to create Smart and Healthy buildings fuelled by Digital Twin implementation for connected devices and Metaverse data representation.

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