How Smart is Smart?

14:30 - Thursday 7th October 2021


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The real estate market is a technology battleground, be that for physical tech like sensors, controllers and devices or for digital tech like software, apps and enterprise workplace tools.

What does good look like? How do we get there? What's better than Platinum?

These are questions being explored, debated and answered by established technology institutions and private businesses around the globe, all hoping to champion smartness in the real estate market.

From the Smart Buildings Certificate to SmartScore to Smart Readiness Indicator, BOMA and TIA's SPIRE to name but a few, there are a vast selection of rating certifications and design methodologies that are guiding engineers, investors and the theatre of characters who make buildings happen.

Certifications around sustainability and wellness have proliferated in the commercial real estate industry at a time of rising awareness on performance quality but when it comes to smart buildings, there's a big difference between a slick mobile app and a data-driven intelligent building. Working closely with the leading certifications, building benchmarks and flagship smart buildings, we've studied their impact, growth pipeline and penetration across the industry to understand if they are meeting expectations.

We are here to present some of those findings and discuss how smart, smart actually is.

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John Gleeson



I am a Director in the Arcadis Intelligent Buildings business helping real estate clients to adopt digital technology and unpack the complexities of the new building tech stack.

This means I get to work with really great people who are passionate about technology, the built environment and shaping the way forward as we tackle some of the world's greatest challenges including sustainability, climate change and data security.

After a career in multi-discipline engineering, I grew the digital technology offering at WSP as Head of Smart Places UK. We worked with an incredibly ambitious client portfolio that included Santander's Unity Place, Argent's Digital Strategy, University of Glasgow's Digital Strategy, Paddington Square's Smart Building, NEOM 4IR City, the Red Sea Airport, The Crown Estate's Digital Placemaking and a diverse range of building intelligence projects.

Now at Arcadis, I am very excited to help shape a major investment in technology strategy, design and implementation capabilities including an end-to-end software solutions product dev team and a vendor alliance network.

Inspired by the tech twittersphere, VCs and Proptech circuit. Fan of big impact disruption #proptech #climatech #metaverse. Love a proof of value demo.

We are growing our fun/nerdy/cool/diverse technology team and our network of partners so watch this space - making big impacts, looking for great people...

Digital Strategists | Data Scientists | System Control Integrators | IT Network Designers | UX Teams | Ontologists | IoT Solutions Architects | Information Management | Software Vendors

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Jon Treece

Principle Technology Consultant

Arcadis Intelligent Buildings

Jon is a Principal Technology Consultant in the Intelligent Buildings Practice at Arcadis, where his focus is the application of technology in the built environment to create social, environmental and economic benefit. He is passionate about human-centric digital transformation, and how we can create simple, connected and intuitive interactions between technology, people and spaces.

Originally an economist, Jon has provided built asset consultancy to organisations within Aviation, Rail, Commercial Developer and Public sectors.

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