How can analytics turn simple sensor information into powerful, actionable insights?

13:45 - Thursday 7th October 2021

Spaces & Infrastructure

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In a typical install, Aico|HomeLINK will collect over 500 readings in a single day from just one property. With only a modest portfolio of say 1,000 homes, that's over 3Million readings per week. No Human can feasibly keep tabs on that level of data! What’s more, analysis on a house-by-house basis doesn’t maximise the utilisation of the statistics because it misses out any direct comparisons between properties.
In this session, I'll be looking at:

• The importance of not just collecting data but also having the tools to understand what it is telling you
• How the analysis can lead you to data driven decisions
• The value of analysing data from both fire alarm systems and environmental sensors together
• How sharing the analysis with residents can change behaviour and improve relations.

Actionable Insights tell you things you didn't already know. They utilise data to help clarify differences, identify trends and uncover correlations. As the rise of the Connected Home continues, AI will be the difference between being on the backfoot or being at the forefront.

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Speaking at this session

Jordan Toulson

Product Manager

Aico | HomeLINK

Jordan is an experienced product manager with a background in IoT for Energy Management Systems (EMS). He is knowledgeable on the complete product lifecycle, from product definition through to benefits realisation and customer engagement, and applying scientific principles to modelling, product prototyping and optimisation.

Jordan holds a BSc(Hons) in Physics and looks after HomeLINK's Dashboard product; the interface Landlords utilise to visualise their portfolio and access HomeLINK's Data insights, enabling data driven decisions.

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