Highly scalable and reliable - The de-centralised approach to lighting controls

15:15 - Wednesday 6th October 2021


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For many years the belief has been that lighting controls for buildings are complex things to buy, even more complex to install and are a dark art to program and use. We imagine large stacks of hardware in a cupboard where the heart and mind of your lighting resides purchased in one large expensive purchase. We fear protracted installation schedules and mounting bills for ongoing maintenance. There is a better way. Using qualified Bluetooth® mesh we can put the "old ways" behind us and embrace modern ways of delivering highly efficient lighting with exceptional controls and demystify the whole process of adopting the right kind of lighting in buildings both small and large. Lets build our buildings better and smarter.

In this session, Feilo Sylvania will showcase how implementation of SylSmart Connected intelligent lighting controls, based on qualified Bluetooth® mesh, delivers large scale, reliable and decentralised, efficient lighting.

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Edward Lees

Global Head of Technical Product Development – Smart & Beyond Lighting


Edward Lees is Global Head of Technical Product Development – Smart & Beyond Lighting at Feilo Sylvania.

Edward has over 15 years of lighting experience from traditional light sources and luminaires, to cutting edge IOT device/system development and professional smart lighting market implementations. Previously in a wide range of product management roles at international and global levels, Edward is now responsible for all Smart and Beyond Lighting product developments and Smart Lighting R&D Teams at Feilo Sylvania including its 3 Smart Lighting Innovation Centres (SLIC).​

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