From Lighting to the BMS – How Qualified Bluetooth® Mesh is Bridging the Gap between Intelligent Building Control Systems

13:45 - Thursday 7th October 2021


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With ceiling devices increasing in number there is a growing interest in the collection of data related to lighting, air quality, space utilization, and more. Quite often all those systems require their own control, limiting their adoption.

Thanks to the collaboration between the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and DALI Alliance, intelligent luminaires can now be managed and controlled on a Bluetooth® mesh lighting control network, enabling interoperability between non-lighting sensors and building controls. This session will explore how a qualified Bluetooth mesh lighting control system can establish a bridge between lighting controls and sensor-rich luminaires that enables the movement and analysis of building operations data to achieve valuable energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and enhanced services for building managers.

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Jason Ford

UK Technical Director


Joined OSRAM in 2005 as Technical Manager following 14 years in Automotive Product Development Management.

In 2012 Jason added responsibility for OSRAM UK's Lighting Control and Dimmable systems, including Business Development, Pre-sales and After Sales activities in all sectors. The emergence of LED and wireless systems is instrumental in the increasing importance of this role, as well as the growth in Smart Building demands.

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