Energy Management – What comes next?

Wednesday 18th October 14:30 - 15:15

Energy Management Theatre

With increasing urgency to cut carbon emissions and the exponential spike in energy costs, all the low-hanging fruit is gone. We’ve fitted LED lights with motion sensors, insulated our buildings and outsourced our huge air-conditioned server rooms to the cloud. So where do we go next?

Energy efficiency isn’t just about turning lights off anymore. It’s about those hidden inefficiencies and patterns of usage which bleed away energy without being noticed. It’s about knowing not only the amount of energy you use but the way you use it.

This seminar will delve into ways to identify these hidden savings. It will explore the impact of environmental conditions on energy usage, ways to gain a comprehensive understanding of your building's energy consumption, and how you can achieve previously unexplored energy savings and carbon reduction.

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Mark Lawrance

Director of Strategic Accounts

Pressac Communications Limited

Mark Lawrance is an IoT and smart buildings sector expert who excels at helping businesses worldwide to transition their buildings into intelligent, future-proof spaces.

With a diverse career spanning 20 years across healthcare, telecommunications, SaaS, and IoT, Mark has honed his skills in boosting growth via innovation and maximizing the system value for clients.

Mark oversees IoT at Pressac Communications and shapes its global GTM strategy. He understands the intricacies of the 'smart building' ecosystem and champions the importance of accurate data in any commercial strategy.

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