The Energy Theatre will look at how technology can continue to drive down energy usage and how facilities managers and building owners will need to work together in order achieve this outcome.

There will also be practical demonstrations and case studies on how companies are managing to implement policy. This theatre will cover topics such as HVAC, building control and lighting.

Wednesday 8th November

Time Session
10:00 Smart Building Data: How to make it work for you
10:45 Building Energy Management Systems, Concepts for a Smart Building
11:30 How to remain smart?
12:15 Space Junk, Light Bulbs and Securing the IoT
13:00 See, save, scale with retrofit lighting
13:45 Intelligent Buildings - 2 case studies and the new BICSI standard
14:30 Connected Services Enabling Real Estate
15:15 From the Smart Building to the Wise Building
16:00 How to assure the “I” in IoT? Networking in Smart Buildings

Thursday 9th November

Time Session
10:00 Connected buildings – disconnected people?
10:45 The Evolving Technology behind Smart Buildings
11:30 High-Performing Buildings: The Value Proposition for Real Estate
12:15 Panel Debate: Why data integrity is imperative but avoid data paralysis
13:00 From Smart to Cognitive Buildings: Providing actionable insights which will increase efficiency and productivity, and save money
13:45 Management requires measurement, but just how granular can it get?
14:30 Is dynamic solar shading the missing piece of the smart building services puzzle?
15:15 Smart Building Controls with Nano BEMS