Enabling the Future of Smart Buildings: Gamgee's AI-Powered Platform for Personalised Experiences and Enhanced Efficiency

Thursday 19th October 13:00 - 13:45

Residential Developers Theatre

During this session, the audience will explore how Gamgee's AI-powered platform aligns perfectly with the definition of smart homes and buildings by delivering personalised experiences, promoting sustainability, and optimising total building performance.

As the global smart home and building market continues to soar, Gamgee will showcase how its advanced technology stands at the forefront of this transformation. Smart Buildings Show 2023 attendees will gain insights into Gamgee's comprehensive approach, covering home and building automation, energy efficiency, security, and more, to unlock new possibilities in the realm of intelligent home and building management.

Through real-life case studies and success stories, Gamgee will demonstrate how it creates a connected living experience that exceeds occupants' expectations.

Attend and discover how a partnership with Gamgee can elevate the world of smart homes and buildings and pave the way for a sustainable and intelligent future.

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Paul Hendriks



Paul Hendriks is a dynamic and accomplished CEO, hailing from The Netherlands, with a proven track record of leadership and innovation in the technology and telecommunications industry. As the CEO and Co-founder of Gamgee, he spearheads the company's mission to revolutionize the smart building sector with cutting-edge AI-powered solutions. Paul's illustrious career includes senior executive roles at KPN, a large incumbent Telco in the Netherlands, and serving as a Board Member, CTO, and CIO of Ziggo, the second-largest Telco in the country. He further contributed to the global consumer cybersecurity landscape as the CTO and CIO of AVG Technologies, later part of Avast. An experienced entrepreneur, Paul successfully co-founded a startup in the fiber rollout industry in Europe, contributing significantly to its growth and success. Moreover, he is an investor in and serves as the Supervisory Board Chairman of an innovative next-generation video streaming services startup in The Netherlands. As CEO and Co-founder of Gamgee, Paul continues to drive innovation and digital transformation, positioning the company as a leading force in the smart buildings domain.

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