dTwin - Unlock the potential of your data

Wednesday 18th October 14:30 - 15:15

Management Theatre

From planning to construction and the operation of a building, huge amounts of data are created by multiple stakeholders. However, this valuable information resides mostly in silos and thus becomes inaccessible throughout a building’s lifecycle. This not only creates inefficiencies due to constant and tedious re-work. Moreover, outdated and incomplete information leads to poor and error prone decisions which negatively affect buildings’ performance and increase operational costs.

In such a scenario, a Digital Twin enhances visibility, increases efficiency, and enables data-driven decision-making. How? Let’s start with a definition: A Digital Twin is a digital replica of a physical asset – this may be a component, a system, or a whole building. More importantly, this virtual replica is continuously fed with real-time information from the physical object, reflecting its current state. With this, a Digital Twin not only allows for accurate visualizations, but moreover derives insights through analysis, simulations, and optimizations.


Jimmy Abualdenien

Head of Digital Twin Product

Nemetschek Group

Dr. Jimmy Abualdenien has spent over ten years developing enterprise cloud solutions, specifically for managing and validating AEC/O data throughout its lifecycle. He obtained his Ph.D. in computer science from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. During this time, he collaborated with Nemetschek on innovation projects focused on AI and cloud solutions. As of 2022, Jimmy is leading product management for Nemetschek's digital twin offering. This involves creating solutions for efficiently managing and connecting diverse data sources, as well as assisting in making informed decisions.

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