Developing a Smart Building infrastructure resilience: future proofing through smart early planning

11:30 - Thursday 7th October 2021


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We are currently experiencing the most significant change to how buildings are designed, built, managed, supported and more importantly, how landlords/tenants use these spaces.

The key for building technology design is ensuring that both the external building connectivity and internal networks are well planned tools that continue to provide scalable flexible infrastructures, meeting not just day-1 requirements but continuing to adapt and support day-2 to end-point growth.

Technology in relation to building systems (ICT, iBMS, EMS, Security, HVAC, AV) will continue to advance resulting in interfaces and end-points being replaced/upgraded for the lifecycle of the building. Therefore it is essential that the ICT infrastructure can be relied upon to accommodate changes/upgrades seamlessly in terms of bandwidth and resilience.

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Billy Marigold



With four decades in the engineering sector and over 20 years as an information and communications technology professional, Billy has covered a variety of roles in the U.K., Europe and North America as project and program manager, IT operations manager and ICT consultant.

His work provides clients with unparalleled, in-depth and passionate market knowledge on areas such as ICT passive and active infrastructures, smart buildings, security systems and audio-visual systems.

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