Data Quantity or Data Quality? How to achieve faster energy savings!

Wednesday 18th October 12:15 - 13:00

Management Theatre

Data quantity is important to understand your building’s energy and performance usage patterns. But data can be misleading if the quality of the data is poor. Both are required, without sacrificing time.

John Dente, Founder & CTO of Onnec iQ discusses how the planning, collation and mapping of data can quickly and efficiently deliver results in energy savings and carbon reduction.

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John Dente


Onnec iQ

Having been in technology and engineering since 1979 I thrive on constantly learning new things. I started providing MSI services back in July 2014 when I started a team that made Smart Buildings come to life.

The first MSI in the UK project was a 770,000 sq.ft. iconic building for a global investment bank in the city of London. My team and I learned every day on that project and many of the principles we discovered and have since developed now form part of a very successful delivery team backed by own in house software development team.

We have developed a unique approach to Smart Buildings as a whole that is founded on practical deliverable principles. We don't talk the art of the possible, we show how it can be done. Words are easy to write, showing is proof we understand it and that is what we do collectively as a team.

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