Horizontal vs vertical system architectures - how to demolish silos

Wednesday 12th October 14:30 - 15:15


Traditional building services systems have been vertical architectures – each function such as HVAC controls, lighting controls, meter monitoring etc. are delivered as separate working system comprised of sensor and actuators connected to controllers which are connected to one or more network managers which are connected to supervisory software and, more recently and sometimes to cloud application. This approach makes data sharing and integration difficult to achieve, hindered further by the proprietary nature of the communications between some or all of the layers.

Horizontally architected systems offer a different approach, which enables much easier data sharing between devices at all levels, and avoids some of the layers as well. This talk explores the opportunities and challenges of choosing a horizontal rather than a vertical approach to smart building systems design, and the role of open protocols, and device & data modelling standards in facilitating greater openness as well as unlocking value from the building data.

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Chris Irwin

VP Sales

J2 Innovations

Chris is currently Vice President of Sales for J2 Innovations, a Siemens company, providing open framework software for smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT applications. Previous roles include VP Sales EMEA for Distech Controls, and Business Development Director for Tridium Europe, as well various other roles including Managing Director of £5M T/O FastTrack 100 manufacturing company. Chris is well known in the UK advanced building controls market. Highly IT literate at mobile, PC and network levels, also with knowledge of embedded and wireless technologies, especially regarding energy efficiency. Chris has lectured in energy conservation and open control systems, and provided consultancy on business strategy, integrated building automation, and commercial PV systems. Chris is passionate about energy saving, decarbonisationation, renewable energy and electric vehicles.

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