Wednesday 7th November

Time Session
10:00 Smart Buildings in 2025: What Will The Technology Ecosystem Look Like?
10:45 Smart Buildings: How IoT and Big Data are Disrupting CRE
11:30 TBC
12:15 Panel debate - Health and well being initiatives in the built environment - fad or game changer?
13:00 Integration, Dependencies, Structure and deliverables
13:45 The importance of connected data
14:30 ISS-Spica: Digital Workplace Experience
15:15 Digital Transformation & Cloud Platform Services to Deliver Smart Buildings
16:00 Threat Modeling Smart Buildings, Security and GDPR
10:00 Building Better Buildings through Connectivity
10:45 IHS Markit
11:30 Bluetooth Mesh for lighting and beyond - lessons learned from first real-life implementations
12:15 Smart Buildings for smart business: How IoT technology evolution transforms buildings into operational assets
13:00 The A B C of energy management for commercial property
13:45 The height of comfort
14:30 Smart Buildings – Interfacing People, Technology, and the Built Environment
15:15 The Spread of Cyberthreats: How Hackers Are Connecting with Smart Buildings
16:00 The Value of Energy Supply to the Grid: The Drivers for Data Centres
10:00 IoT in Buildings
11:30 Guide to the role of energy Management Systems
13:00 How can the latest 'Internet of Things' technology improve life safety, productivity and compliance?
15:00 Wireless technology within the building services industry

Thursday 8th November

Time Session
10:00 SMART and BIM: how they work together
10:45 Microsoft Smart Buildings: Transforming Spaces with IoT
11:30 How Smart will change the role of a building manager/FM
12:15 Smart buildings need smart clients
13:00 Case Study - Pets at Home
13:45 Smart Buildings in the Future – Yes; making existing buildings smarter – Yes please!
14:30 The role of the FM in smart buildings
15:15 Occupancy sensing in buildings for energy, IAQ and wellbeing
10:00 Introduction to KNX - Get a backbone
10:45 Commissioning IoT: Connectivity, Security and Integration of the Smart Building Space
11:30 Simplifying IoT in healthcare facilities and workplaces
12:15 Why the future of smart buildings is a hybrid wired and wireless solution
13:00 Connected F.M.
13:45 From the smart building to the wise building
14:30 TBC
15:15 Control Strategies for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning Systems enhancing buildings energy efficiency
10:00 TBC
11:30 Secure: How do you capitalise on opportunities from the IoT while managing cyber risk?
13:00 The fundamentals of security