Buildings as organisms. Can technology turn our structures into ‘living’ spaces that anticipate and adapt to our needs?

15:15 - Thursday 7th October 2021

Spaces & Infrastructure

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Smart building technologies are turning our homes and offices into intelligent organisms. IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Building ontologies and BIM are mapping the way components of buildings interact over time and building up a personal health record for each structure, allowing for a far better understanding of how we use our spaces and how best to adapt them.

In the fight to make the building industry more sustainable, should we not be exploring how buildings themselves might define the best course of action to make them more circular and efficient?

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Joe Haire


White Red Architects

As an architect and creative director, Joe is responsible for fostering the studio's design culture.

He is passionate about creating both elegant and practical spaces that are enjoyable to use and easy to understand. He directly leads on several strategic projects both at home and abroad including offices for Google and Derwent London and a new hotel for M Sport Rally in the Lake District.

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