Behaviour change and technology - a potent energy efficiency mix

15:15 - Wednesday 6th October 2021

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Having launched our Global behaviour change energy efficiency programme - The Energy Conscious Organisation, EnCO - in 2019, we believe that behaviour change plays a major role in reducing energy usage.

Much of these savings are based around ensuring that staff are fully briefed on how the technology works. This session will explore the overall EnCO programme and how we look to support our claim that 50% of energy saved can come through behaviour change.

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Mervyn Pilley 

Executive Director

Energy Services and Technology Association

Currently working as Executive Director of the Energy Services and Technology Association, Mervyn has a background in commercial retrofit.

Committed to sustainability, the environment and supporting organisations of all kinds on their Net Zero journey, Mervyn believes passionately in the critical importance of energy efficiency as a starting point for that journey.

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