Baking Digital into Smart Building Design

Wednesday 18th October 10:45 - 11:30

Management Theatre

Smart Building digital capability is not just about controlling HVAC, M&E and lighting. Digital capability fundamentall affects building design as experienced by the user. Full exploitation of this potential is only possible by gathering the multi-disciplinary team early in the building design process. This session captures and distils the Best Available Practice developed during an intensive set of workshops held in June that brought together senior leadership from Estates and IT functions, Architecture, Construction and Smart Building specialists.

Typically digital is considered late (e.g. RIBA Stages 4 & 5) in the building design process when it is too late to have much of an effect of the concept and design of space. This relegates the role of ‘Smart’ to building management and operations. Smart is capable of much, much more than that.

This session is relevant for those involved in Estates strategy & planning, building design and building user experience design; technology vendors and systems integrators; Smart Building consultants; technology designers and integrators with an interest in IT/OT convergence.

The key takeaway from this session is: Best Available Practice on who should collaborate, when and how to fully exploit the role of digital in smart building design. Proposed Smart Building overlay to the RIBA Plan of Works.

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Ceri Williams

Consulting Enterprise Architect


Ceri’s background stretches from industrial control systems development in the 1980’s, Command & Control systems in the 1990s, through to Enterprise Architecture and consulting at the Business/Technology interface. He regularly focuses as much on organisational and process design as technology architecture to address multi-organisational challenges of technology exploitation.

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