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VEXO International are HVAC protection specialists. They aim to assist with the mitigation of global warming by offering long term sustainable design and product solutions. Protecting the environment is at the heart of the company, supporting clients to achieve low carbon or carbon neutral goals with VEXO solutions.

Based in Bedfordshire, VEXO has been researching and innovating products that reduce the effects of poor water quality on heating and cooling since 2010 and is now the UK’s leader in side-stream filtration. VEXO offers an holistic approach to water treatment: filtration equipment, additives, tests, remote monitoring, BMS, technical service and constant innovation, all whilst working towards reaching net zero carbon zero by 2030.

VEXO products are assisting central and local governments, as well as commercial building owners and contractors with their environmental and sustainability targets. Research conducted at Loughborough University showed that the X-POT® provided a 3.5% energy saving in just seven days, with the results from further testing and research expected later this year. VEXO’s unique range of additives have also been proven to provide up to 10% energy savings.

The recently developed Smart Building Management System (S-BMS®) is a more advanced and sophisticated type of Building Management System (BMS) that goes beyond traditional standalone BMS solutions by introducing intelligent and automated control of various building systems.

S-BMS® utilises the latest technologies such in IoT and data analytics to optimise building performance and reduce emissions, energy consumption, and overall operating costs. S-BMS® can also provide real-time monitoring, automated control, and dynamic control of various building systems such as HVAC and others. This allows for a more efficient and sustainable building operation, and can also improve the comfort and safety of the building occupants. Case studies show reductions of heating energy of up to 36% over one heating season.

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