Stand D11

UbiqiSense’s technology gives you unique and detailed insights into how you use your buildings and offices, and how it can be optimized. The core of the solution is an AI-based sensor which collects data on the utilization of your spaces, and it helps you adjust.

The sensor, which is of Danish design and 100% GDPR-compliant, is mounted discreetly on the wall, from where it registers the number of people and their presence in different areas and rooms as well as behavioral and activity-based patterns in the building.

Integrate into any BMS, AV-system or Workplace Management platform and reduce CO2 emissions, create intelligent offices and ensure best possible conditions and performance of your employees.

Maximize building and office space utilization, save millions on reduced real estate costs while creating the future workplace within one platform.

We are showcasing the solution LIVE and help you get started in making your buildings smart.