Theben UK

Stand A49

Theben provides intelligent solutions for energy-efficient time, light and climate control all around the building, such as time switches, LED spotlights, presence and motion detectors, clock thermostats, smart home systems, actuators and KNX components. As a member of the Board of the KNX Association, Theben is substantially involved in its adoption as a standard in building automation. Theben is also actively promoting the energy transition with innovations in the field of smart energy. For example, with the interoperable CONEXA 3.0 smart meter gateway.

Theben in UK offers the full rage of product for time and light control, presence detection, climate control and of course KNX. We also have the KNX based LUXORliving smart home solution. This means you, and your clients, can depend upon product from a brand with a 100 year history, the inventors of the time clock and manufacturers of the first presence detector.

Theben: energy saving comfort.