R8 Technologies

Stand No E49

R8tech is an Estonia HQ based proptech company that has clients and activities in 18 European countries from Finland to Portugal. Over 850.000m2 of premium class commercial buildings (shopping malls, hotels, office buildings) are connected to R8 Digital Operator. Our clients are CBRE, WeWork, EDP, EfTEN Capital, Technopolis, Radisson BLU etc.

R8 Digital Operator is a cloud-based and Artificial Intelligence-driven software for real estate managers increasing the performance of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Cooling) systems and their technical servicing by autonomous control system.

R8 Digital Operator can be integrated remotely according to the highest IT-security standards with almost any existing BMS without additional hardware! It takes intelligent and automated control & operating over the HVAC systems 24/7 and cuts the total energy costs up to -30% (average is ca -15%) and improves indoor climate stability with novel fault diagnostics features.