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Kterio is bringing unprecedented intelligence to commercial buildings through its Building Digital Operating System (B-DOS) platform. Kterio enables building owners to visualize and manage all of their building assets in a single platform. The Kterio B-DOS platform assimilates all data from all assets of a building at the machine level and normalizes it into a unified platform, a Digital Twin.

This platform is unique as it allows asset-level benchmarking, reporting and control across all buildings in a common language – a true portfolio level B-DOS, creating multiple Kterio Digital Twins. A common language at the asset level allows advanced levels of analytics to be applied across all Kterio Digital Twins.

With this platform, building owners are no longer tied-in to the equipment vendors’ proprietary systems and maintenance contracts as the Kterio B-DOS platform enables them to proactively predict and plan for equipment maintenance, make changes that will save energy and reduce carbon emissions, enhancing ESG practices.

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