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About Eltako GmbH:

Eltako GmbH is the largest manufacturer of EnOcean compliant control and monitoring devices for all types of switching, lighting control, HVAC, etc. This family-owned German company, which has been in business since 1949 is renowned for its high-quality open-protocol EnOcean compliant devices.

From switching and dimming a single lighting circuit in a smart home to being part of a building control system for an office or public building, Eltako can help. High on everyone’s agenda now is the need to save energy and provide a safe environment to live and work. Eltako have an extensive range of devices to monitor such things as temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, and occupancy. So, for example of a room is unoccupied turn the lights off and turn the heating down. Another example could be if the windows are open turn the heating or A/C off. With under desk sensors you can monitor which desks are being used in and office and when.

Importantly these devices reliably communicate wirelessly using the EnOcean Open Protocol, so the data can be shared with other compatible devices and controllers, ensuring a seamless building control system. If buildings need to be upgraded an EnOcean solution is the simplest because the wiring is greatly reduced, and programming is straight forward. Globally System Integrators see that EnOcean devices give them many more options when they are looking to meet a client’s wishes and keep costs down without compromising on quality, choice or functionality. It also means that if changes in the room layout or usage is required these changes can be made much more simply because of the wireless infrastructure. Technology will evolve and Eltako will evolve with it looking to develop new products to meet the ever-changing world we live in including the Matter protocol.


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