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At Allied Telesis, we know that smart buildings need smart networks. Our Smart Buildings Solutions are dynamic and secure, to guarantee centralized monitoring and control—which means you spend less, and get more.

Today’s buildings have to be much more than their physical structure. A smart building gives your business an end-to-end integrated systems architecture, which reduces your network cost and complexity. The goal? An intelligent, connected structure that seamlessly performs its mission. When all your building’s systems work together, you will experience new levels of efficiency and productivity. 

You don’t need new premises to enjoy the benefits of a smart building now. With our application-ready platform, you can turn all your building systems into one simple and scalable converged IP network today. Start collecting on a wealth of data. Connect all your systems—heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security, lighting, sensors, switches, cameras and more.

Save money with an Allied Telesis Smart Building Solution:

  • Ensure your equipment functions only when required.
  • Optimize the layout of your physical space.
  • Detect performance issues immediately.
  • Proactively maintain your expensive equipment.
  • Guarantee the lowest possible energy use of all your systems and devices.
  • Get a big picture view of your entire organization.

Improve your asset performance and lifespan. Enjoy reduced costs and productivity gains. Minimize your environmental impact and maximize the sustainability of your business. Build smart with Allied Telesis.

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