New Product: EnOcean to BACnet Gateway

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New Product: EnOcean to BACnet Gateway via Contemporary Controls Ltd
New Product: EnOcean to BACnet Gateway

Integrate your EnOcean wireless devices to BACnet systems with the Contemporary Controls’ bidirectional EnOcean to BACnet Gateway.

EnOcean wireless energy-harvesting devices are freely position able, self-powered, and suitable for retrofits and newly constructed buildings. EnOcean technology provides high flexibility through ease of use and installation. Devices are upgradable, expandable, and flexible to relocate at any time. The EnOcean to BACnet Gateway provides the system integrator with a flexible building block when integrating EnOcean wireless devices to BACnet/IP networks or expanding the number of EnOcean points in an existing building automation system. Thanks to virtual routing technology, our gateway seamlessly discovers and connects to EnOcean devices and makes them appear as individual BACnet-compliant devices. EnOcean Equipment Profiles (EEP) are built-in for easy integration to BACnet systems.

The EnOcean to BACnet Gateway provides the ultimate in flexibility. It features EnOcean device discovery with built-in EEP and web-page configuration using a common web browser. There are no external tools required for configuration. This allows EnOcean devices to be easily combined with BACnet devices and supervisors into one automation system.

Using remote commissioning the gateway can configure EnOcean output devices to be controlled by specific input devices. This can save you from the manual linking that requires repeatedly pressing buttons on the EnOcean devices until they are linked and can make installation of EnOcean devices much easier.

The EnOcean to BACnet Gateway can be DIN rail or panel mounted requiring one 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection, and 24VAC/VDC power. Its half-wave rectified power supply allows sharing of power with other half-wave devices. The gateway can also remotely configure EnOcean devices which support EnOcean remote configuration.

Versatile Gateway and Control Device

• Bidirectional gateway functionality between EnOcean Wireless and BACnet/IP

• EnOcean device discovery

• Remote commissioning of link tables and configuration settings

• Each EnOcean device appears as virtual BACnet device to aid in integration

• Built-in EnOcean Device Profiles for seamless integration

• Webpage configuration—no external tools or software required

• Webpage-based remote commissioning of EnOcean devices

Convenient Installation

• 10/100 Mbps Ethernet with auto-negotiation and Auto-MDIX

• 24 VAC/VDC powered

• DIN-rail or panel mounting

• EnOcean SMA connector provides flexible antenna options

Use the EnOcean to BACnet Gateway to commission and manage your EnOcean wireless devices to form a control network.

The gateway allows EnOcean devices to be easily combined with BACnet devices and supervisors in one automation system for seamless integration. Communicating over BACnet/IP, the EnOcean to BACnet Gateway can operate as a gateway to supervisory graphical interfaces such as the BASview3. This stand-alone, embedded, web-based graphical automation supervisor is totally self-contained and provides client functions such as trending, alarming, scheduling, runtime accumulation and animated graphic screens/dashboards. It is ideal for EnOcean applications where a number of clustered devices require a graphical interface with no licensing requirements.

Furthermore, the EnOcean to BACnet Gateway’s bidirectional feature allows the gateway to control EnOcean output devices. The gateway will create virtual BACnet devices that the BACnet head-end can control. The virtual device will have a designated destination address which can be one real EnOcean device or a broadcast address for all EnOcean devices. The gateway will transmit EnOcean messages based on these BACnet object writes from the head-end. These can be used to control many EnOcean devices or a single device. The user can enter many virtual EnOcean output devices. The gateway can be used to set or change link table entries and to modify configuration settings on remote commissionable EnOcean devices (when a Device Description File is provided).

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