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Foxtam Controls will be exhibiting at Smart Buildings 2023, products and solutions specific to the BMS & HVAC sector, many of which are proudly manufactured in the UK will include:-

Current Proving Relays & Switches – covering current loads from 1mA to 200 Amps, available in both hard wired “connected in series” devices particular for the small load applications and “CT style” devices for larger load applications.

Adjustable 0-10VDC Output BMS Power Supplies – designed specifically for “HAND / OFF / AUTO” applications for BMS controller inputs. When in “HAND” a DC voltage needs to be forced into BMS input cards, but not necessarily a full 10VDC signal is required. Available self-contained for mounting completely within a control panel, or available optionally with a remote potentiometer kit.

Power Supplies – a full selection of power supplies in a variety of housing styles, covering outputs 10VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, raging from 0.5 Amps to 20.8 Amps

Control Panel Transformers – double wound isolating transformers with an inbuilt Earth screen, multi tap primary 0-230-400-415-440V and secondary 0-12-24VAC, available in VA sizes 30VA to 3200VA. Additionally Din rail mounted Modular transformers 230V / 24VAC in VA sizes 10VA to 75VA.

Timers - a full portfolio of electronic timers with up to 4C/O contact outputs, multi voltage 12-250VACDC, multi function and multi time range, single function timers also available, including duty changeover timers.

Mechanical Extension Timers – front panel mounted mechanical plant extension “override” timers, referred to also as “caretaker” timers, no supply voltage required, available in the popular 0-6hr time range.

Plug in Relays & Sockets – 14 pin 4PCO relays rated 5 Amps and 8 pin DPCO relays rated 10 Amps, all complete with test, flag & LED indication. Miniature SPCO & DPCO interface relays, including low coil consumption SPCO BMS “10VDC” SRMV interface relays.

0-10VDC BMS Relays with an Auxiliary Supply – a range of four Din rail mounted fully enclosed 0-10VDC BMS modules providing a volt free digital output from a 0-10VDC BMS signal. On occasions with some BMS systems there is insufficient power in the 0-10VDC signals to drive a low coil consumption “SRMV” relay. These modules have a consumption of <0.5mA with regards to the 0-10VDC signal, the power to drive the output relay is taken from a separate 24VAC/DC auxiliary supply.

Digital Panel Meters – available in both Din 48x24mm & 96x48mm front bezel size, with a wide variety of input signals including 0-10VDC, allowing meters to be scaled to other engineering values such as ‘C, %RH, Pa, PSI etc, etc. Meters are available as “display only”, or with additional relay outputs, analogue outputs, MODBUS.

AC “CT” Style Current Transducers – available either as solid core or split core, in a range of primary currents, producing either a self powered 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC output. 24VDC loop powered 4-20mA output versions are also available.

Current Transformers & Energy Metering – moulded case current transformers both solid core and split core along with Din 96mm front panel mounted and Din rail mounted KWh meters and multi parameter energy meters, with pulse outputs and optional MODBUS communications.

Alarm Integrators & Alarm Annunciator Panels – multi input alarm marshalling modules with a common alarm output, available repeating and non repeating. The same replicated in a range of indicator panels to full alarm annunciator panels.

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